Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Today: lingerie fixation

Today I had to tackle a totally new project: a lingerie body. This is the foundation for a very slinky wedding dress, and will serve as lingerie for the bride also.

I admit that it may not sound or look sexy, but some serious engineering has gone into this garment. The reason I have had to start a wedding dress in this way is because of several factors:

  • the bride, despite being teeny tiny has a very large bust
  • the wedding dress will be backless
  • the wedding dress is bias cut and will cling to the body
so the purpose of the garment is to support the weight of the breasts without compromising the design of the dress, this is further made difficult by the design being halter neck and so not having the advantage of being able to use strap tension to pull the underwires tight to the body.

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