I believe that a woman looks her best when she feels confident.

My Company

Curve Couture provides a bespoke corset making service. I believe very strongly that there is no 'standard' corset fit, a corset should not only fit your body like a second skin but it must do extra: it must successfully and without too much discomfort alter the contours of your body to a new shape : it's shape. A well made corset can reduce the natural waist by 2-4" worn on an occasional basis but it takes years of constant wearing and reduction to achieve more. In the height of corset wearing in the Edwardian era a girl would start her waist training from childhood.

I love the aesthetic of the corset, not only does it re-model the body to the hourglass we love and hide the lumps and bumps we all want to hide, but it's structural lines are all designed to reinforce it's streamlining effect.

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