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I tried on my first corset in central Soho and I loved how it made me feel strong, confident and sexy.

I had my first corset when I was 18years old. It was a really standard Vollers 22" corset in purple satin and I loved it. I felt like I was wearing armour, I felt strong and powerful and it make me stand up good and straight. More than that... I found my true calling.

Me in my Vollers corset, ©C. Nicholson

This was the beginning of my love affair with corsetery.

Almost twenty years have passed since that defining moment, but my passion for corsetry is as fresh as ever. I continually research, develop and refine my art and very recently began writing as a style editor for the Cliterati.

My expertise is in corset engineering, fashion design and construction. I make elegant, beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade corsets for women of all sizes and shapes. For almost ten years I have been running my Brighton based bespoke corset business Curve Couture. I made my first corset in 1998 (and it is still in good working condition) and since then have produced over 200 one off creations, each one individually pattern cut and then painstakingly crafted and embellished with my own fair hands.

My collections have graced catwalks at London Alternative Fashion Week, Brighton Fashion Week and my work has featured in OK magazine, Alt. Magazine and Celebrity 4 Brides. In 2011 I was invited as one of eight designers to exhibit at Brighton Museum in 'Couture Brighton' as a showcase of Brighton's leading fashion and couture talent.

' Defining one's figure, and one's relationship to it is the most empowering thing a woman can do for herself.'

You can visit my website: CurveCouture
You can find me on twitter as Curvecouture 
You can find me on facebook as Chrissie.corsetmaker

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