Friday, 13 January 2012

Time out

Vey rarely in my schedule do I factor in me time, which I'm told is quite necessary for sanity.

So after my morning and afternoon work completing a denim frock coat I am making for a friend I decided to take a few hours thinking about my TG (Torture Garden) outfit. As previously mentioned I am loath to buy materials when I have so much cluttering up the studio, and have found some lovely things to inspire me which absolutely must be made into something dramatic.

The TG outfit HAS to have a corset, and I have chosen to base it around the 1911 corset. For previous musings on this subject you can refresh your memory: chilled out corset days I really want to bring in a cheeky military feel to the whole thing, so tonight I'm planning on making a design for a forage cap in matching fabrics and possibly some spats to go over the fabulous shoes I 'won' (bought) on e-bay. I'm so into bronze and brass right now it's silly so that will feature heavity and I have some gorgeous brown leather that is just begging to be brogue'd up.

Here is my initial design, just a pencil sketch for now because I just love the quality of pencil on paper. I may not be wearing it exactly as drawn, unsure at the moment...but I am fairly happy with the corset design...although the length of the back and it's details are also not fixed in my mind yet.
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