Thursday, 12 January 2012

Corset, final shape

So, I am nearly there with the corset...just in time to go to bed.

I tried it on earlier, and I thought I'd share the results.

This is me without corset     

So this is me without a corset on, please ignore the state of my studio (it is always in chaos and I like it like that). I'm not looking bad for 36 years old,  after a baby and a lifetime of doing little exercise and eating whatever the hell I want. I round up these days to about a size 14 (UK) my waist is about 29 1/2 inches, bust 36DD, hips 39 1/2.

So this corset I have sized for myself, as a trial and it is designed specifically to enhance my natural hourglass shape.
I always use myself as a trial figure because I have always been the intended shape of the final corset (that being the hourglass) and I usually wear a size 24" corset comfortably...which is a good sample size for a corset.

Here are two shots of the corset, one front on, one side on so you can see the shape of the corset all round. You can really see how my waist is defined by the corset, both from front and side. The hip sections allow the bum to be contained and lifted by the extremely low cut lacing. Cool. The next time you see this corset it will be on the catwalk. I'm moving on to the next set of designs.

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