Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Snap shots of life

It's been a day of mischief and mayhem. The clock is ticking on me to get my collection ready for Alternative Fashion Week in April, but sometimes it's really important to take time out for other just as important things. So today I've spent some time out with my little boy Riley, which has been great.

So here he is, enjoying the fruits of my labour. He looks rather fetching...maybe I should make baby forage hats. This little nipper never sits still, believe it or not this is the best photo of him today. He's also wearing a fetching jumper designed and made by my mum.

This evening I have got back to the grindstone getting on with my TG corset. I have graded the pattern to my size, slightly adapted the shape more like my sketch and started cording the hip panels. So far I have got through a good six metres of piping and I've just run out so another trip to the shops tomorrow!

This style of cording is similar to the one I employed to make 'The Pretty Housemaid', it's gonna take a while.

Cording...it takes some time...
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