Monday, 16 January 2012

Too many projects?

I am lucky enough to be busy most of the time, in fact inundated with work - whether it be bespoke commissions, my designer collection, catwalk shows, photo shoots and sometimes I actually get to make an outfit just for myself.


Today I've been organising, and ritually cleaning the studio after a commission has gone. It's never completely tidy but this little ritual just sets me up for the next thing. I have almost finished my forage hat...just tweaking it here and there. I just put some little copper studs on it that remind me of pop rivits on bridges or liners, the concept is all coming together nicely. Next on the agenda is to re-size the 1911 corset to fit my current size, requisition back my pinking shears from another designer, and get on with it. I now have only four days to make my outfit and gather the other necessary accoutrement's for my costume. E-bay has supplied my shoes (although they are yet to turn up) and I am still jockeying for brass items.
 nearly finished: forage hat
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