Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fantastic days

I have truely had a great day today...

After heading into town to get supplies to get on with my TG corset, I got to work straight away. I finished cording the hip sections, put the pattern together and hey presto:

I'm really pleased with the cording detail, and as you can see I am now playing around with some decorative things. I have yet to decide how cutaway I want the hem of the corset to be, so I have left it for the moment at it's original length. The cording is so robust, and I love it as a design feature. I can also imagine that power net would also look pretty fantastic in the hip sections...but we'll leave that thought for another day. I hope that tomorrow I will have more time to spend actually sewing so that I can put this to bed, so to speak.

I also had a meeting with vintage inspired tap dance troupe 'The Sugarbeats' who need some costumes made. Their design was fantastic, and the fabric they supplied was devine so that will keep me busy this week alongside the Valentines dress I am making for Miss Honey Moon. Wow! I am super busy at the moment, great!

Being that my commissioned work is so plentiful, the Collection has had to take a back seat...which is slightly frustrating, but I will be back on it very soon.
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