Thursday, 19 December 2013

My first sheer corset experiments

So, in my last post I did a bit of background on sheer corsets, and identified some materials and idea's I am experimenting with. To read my last post click here: Sheer Indulgence

I have finished my first experiment with organza, and I am pretty pleased with it. Here it is with the panniers I finished yesterday. I shall be exploring the idea's of panniers in another post, but for a bit of light reading on bustle concepts (not too far removed from panniers) here is a previous post Bustle Cage Action if you can't wait for me.

To recap...this corset was made with two layers of silk organza with bone casings and trimming made from silk dupion, which is one of my favourite fabrics to work with. As I was in full experimentation mode I decided to use flat steel in all the bone casings and heat mould them in to shape rather than using spiral steel. 

After I finished my piece I decided to go 'hell for leather' and lace it as tight on the dummy as I would with a corset made from more traditional materials. My expectation was I could identify any weak points in the materials, but to my surprise there were no obvious weak points where the fabric has frayed away from the stitching. Fabulous!

In real terms I think that a transparent corset made with organza would not be suitable for daily use or prolonged tight lacing, but it has produced a very light and beautiful corset that I am very pleased with.

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