Sunday, 22 December 2013

Reine des Abeilles photo shoot 21/12/2013

So today we are doing our Reine Des Abeilles shoot at Artista studio in Brighton.

Crew as follows:

Photographer: Chrissie Nicholson-Wild
Videographer: Zoe Van Spyk
Hair/Make-up: Zoe Della Rocca
Model: Natasha Gatward
Wardrobe: Curve Couture
Mentor: Chris Bulezuik from Artista Studio

It is apparent with how the day is proceeding that the process of building the shoot is as much a part of it as the final photographs. We arrived at 10.30 to get fuelled up and set up because we have several tasks to accomplish today.

  • video footage of the shoot to make into a capsule 'making of' video
  • series of editorial quality beauty photo's
  • series of artsy photo's telling the story of our Queen Bee.

I am writing this whilst the hair and make-up are being applied by Zoe Della Rocca and Zoe Van Spyk is doing a bit of filming. I have dressed the set and I'm happily waiting for the model to be ready to dress. Natasha Gatward, our fabulous model is patience personified as we have already stuck a foot high wig on her and proceeding to put wax on her eyebrows and paint her face white. Later on we will be covering her in bee's and lace.

We have a total of two looks to get through today in terms of outfits. An ivory transparent cage corset with skeletal panniers and a blue taffeta corset with transparent panels. This is a continuation of the development of our transparent corset series, which we are super excited about for 2014.

Zoe Della Rocca will be composing a post of her own on the make up look for the shoot, and I must point out that she single handedly designed and made the wig for this shoot. It is the first time she has made a wig (wow!), and I love the way this team works together and works creatively. I feel hugely lucky to have such fine and talented collaborators. The fact that we have worked with each other in the past successfully and harmoniously adds to the easy air of the day, especially as I feel nervous enough already.

For although I have been a party to many a shoot I have never been the photographer. As a novice photographer I found that the hardest thing for me was keeping my energy levels up by the end of the day, and this had a knock on effect in my ability to think and direct the shoot. By 6pm it was time to wrap it all up, for although I enjoyed my day I was truly spent.

You read it first: my photography escapade started here...

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