Monday, 11 November 2013

My day as a photographers assistant

Yesterday I spent my day assisting local photographer Chris Bulezuik in a commissioned Look Book shoot for Brighton designer Louise O'Mahoney.

Oh My Honey is a vintage inspired brand, local to Brighton whose last collection gained great recognition at Brighton Fashion Week 2013. We were shooting her wedding collection and the 1950's silhouettes were a perfect fit for our location at Stanmer House.

Part of my five year plan is to become proficient in the art of photography so that I can capture my work in images as an extension of my fashion practice, so I was there to assist and learn and I am grateful that Chris takes the time to explain as he is going along.

So here's a quick shot from our day...shot with fully automatic function today, I need add. This was simply because it wasn't my job to take photographs that day ( I just sneaked them in) it was just to assist.

We had a great day, lots of hard work and Chris has some amazing shots in there. I think Louise will have some great look book shots in there and some lovely lifestyle shots that are definitely magazine-worthy.

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