Sunday, 13 October 2013

Learning new stuff: Photography Studio Lighting

Today I have had a full day off sewing, and spent a day at Artista photo studio studio with photographer Chris Bulezuik as his assistant.

Our beautiful model for the day was Amy White and Make Up Artist Alicia Sandeman. So, as a good assistant does, I tried very hard to learn and help as invisibly as I could without making it an extra chore to teach me.

Chris took time whilst the model was being made up to go over some studio lighting basics which made me feel loads more confident in understanding the importance of light to 'paint' the frame and the model and how to take artistic control of the shoot.

So, here is an image Chris shot:

Copyright Chris Bulezuik
Copyright Chris Bulezuik

Photographer: Chris Bulezuik
Model: Amy White
MUA: Alicia Sandeman
Assistant: moi

The purpose of this day, for me, was to learn more about the art of photography, how to use the studio lights and to generally get more of a grip of the relationship between iso speed, aperture and exposure.

I studied photography whilst I was doing my Fine Art degree and I would say that I definitely was a typically creative photographer who felt really involved in composition and artistic elements but a bit lacking in my willingness to tackle the technical aspects of photography. So, as part of my new  business purpose, I am brushing up my skills so I can unleash my own creativity behind the camera as well as in front of it.

I was really overjoyed to be given the opportunity to assist Chris and greatly appreciated him taking the time to teach me, as I respect him greatly as a photographer, and although there is so much to learn, it can only inform my own artistic process.

Really looking forward to my next lesson....when I actually need to know how my camera's manual functions work!

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