Thursday, 10 October 2013

Orphans International Fashion Show: 6/10/2013

It's about time I wrote my own post.

And with it I am pleased to announce that all of us involved in the Orphans International Charity Fashion Show collectively raise over £5000 for the charity. Amazing!

As usual on Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I needed a helluva lot more sleep than I got, but uncommonly for a Sunday morning I had a fashion show to do. I think this was the first time I had done a fashion show where I wasn't sewing on the morning of the show so I was feeling quite calm, but upbeat.

At around 11am I packed up the rail, clothes and everything else I needed and got a taxi to the venue. After meeting up with Zoe Van Spyk we headed into the bowels of My Hotel, Jubilee Square, Brighton to check out our catwalk....

Hold the's a car park. Still full of cars. Eep! OK...quirky, unexpected...we can totally rock this!

As usual for a fashion show it was drama laden and complete mayhem with the poor organiser running around answering twenty questions a minute. We were having a relatively easy afternoon because we were in a back room getting make up done by the amazing team of Lucille Dee Fisher and Tabby Adams and hair had already been done at Electric, Brighton earlier that morning.

 Since we were pretty relaxed and sorted I sent our fabulous intern Gemma Eldridge (see previous post for her account of the fashion show) into the 'pit' to help with the quick changes for the rest of the models.

This is us ( Iona, Vanessa, me, Amina, Emily, Beth (and Saoirse who managed to miss this) backstage just before we kicked off our set.

I've had some gorgeous photo's coming in, I will be sharing them next.

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