Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shell nipple pasties tutorial

Next week I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your own nipple pasties. The principle is the same for most shapes, I just happen to be making shell shaped ones for the Mermaid shoot for Cliterati next week. will need to gather the following things to make your pasties:

cardboard or buckram (the buckram I have used is this type used in curtain-making)
fabric scraps in your choice fabric ( needs to be fairly thick and big enough to cover 2 pasties)
sequins/ crystals as per design
2 tassels and 2 bead caps (optional)
strong thread (only if you're making tassels)
scrap leather/ leatherette large enough to cover your pastie shapes

scissors for card/paper
scissors for fabric ( if you're a good workman/woman you will have separate scissors for separate materials)
UHU or liquid sticky glue not instant stick
crystal applicator of some description  ( bejewelled make a decent one but you can get any kind you like or if this is too much of an expense a pencil with some blue tack and more glue is another solution...but slightly messier and more time consuming)
masking tape

See you next week for construction.

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