Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mermaid shoot for Cliterati

I have had a super busy week.

Apart from client commissions the main thing I have been concentrating on is the Mermaid inspired shoot for online erotic magazine cliterati. For several weeks I have been e-mailing companies to borrow fabulous garments for the shoot, trawling e-bay for must have special things and basically begging and borrowing from my list of contacts as much as possible whilst still staying in their good graces.

I got a group of people that I really enjoyed working with and am pleased that the shoot that day has already gleaned lots of useful contacts for all involved and started friendships that will continue to be fruitful. I feel a little bit proud to have caused this, as well as had the pleasure of working with such fine people and get some stunning photo's too. Mission accomplished.

Crew as follows...would recommend them all far and wide:

Model (Centre) Emily Booth
Models L/R Francesca Cluney and Kate Shields from Artists Models Ink

Photographer  Sarah Olivier
Make Up Artist: Adam-Thomas Bane
Hair and jewellery styling: Miss Honey Moon
Styling Chrissie Nicholson-Wild
Fantastic Assistance Saffron Coco

Beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories loaned by:

She Said Erotic Boutique
Irregular Choice
Mer-made Jewellery
Curve Couture

I haven't yet seen all the photo's but I took a few sneaky shots whilst on set, I simply can't wait to see the final edits.

And indeed the week is not even done! I still have several bikini's to finish for my lovely body builder clients, the red carpet dress to finish and some steampunk nipple pasties to do.

Love my job.X

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