Sunday, 23 September 2012

Pastie tutorial: Lets make!

Step 1

I am using shell shapes here, but the easiest shape to make are round pasties.

All you need to do is draw around a plastic beaker or a small teacup and trim to the desired size. This could take a few goes for practice, find the centre and mark it. Then follow the instructions as below, any questions leave a comment and I shall answer:

So, since the designing has been done, lets do it!

1) Trace your template onto the buckram or card and cut it out

2) Once you have established where your nipple position is, make a cut to within 0.5cm of your nipple position from the base of the shape and overlap the edge to decide how shallow or deep you need the dome of the pastie.
3) Glue into position, you may need masking tape on the back to hold in position to free your hands up.

4) Iron your fabric scraps so when you glue them on they have the best crease free surface possible
5) Use zinc oxide tape (adhesive tape to hold medical dressings) to cover the ridge of your join...only if it won't show through the fabric.

6) Cover the surface of your buckram shape with glue and allow to go slightly tacky then cover the buckram with fabric and smooth out the creases, pulling the fabric on the bias and repositioning it if necessary.

7) Trim off excess fabric to about 7/8mm around your buckram pastie.
8) Notch fabric to about 1-2mm away from the buckram

9) Glue inside edge and fix fabric to the inner side of the pastie shell.
10) Tidy up every step as you go will find it hard retrospectively.
11) If you are attaching a tassel to you pastie do it now, if not skip to step 13
12) Load you needle with some strong thread, about 25cm should be enough, tie a double knot in the end. Put your needle through the buckram shape at nipple point. Once through the right side put on your bead cap then your tassel and return back through the bead cap and back through the buckram hole. For a decent twirl do not pull this tight through, but leave a little give before putting a knot in your thread, cutting the thread and glueing the knots in the back of the buckram shape.
13) Line the pastie with leather or leatherette scraps...either will do. Use the same technique as covering the pastie but leave the edge glue free so you can trim off the excess without getting glue on your scissors.

14) Once the lining is trimmed apply glue to the edge and seal the pastie lining.

15) Decorate as your design, I am using crystals and sequins.

Next time applying the pastie to your breasts/ bums and giving it a whirl.
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