Saturday, 15 September 2012

Red dresses, sequinned bikini's and styling issues

Half this week has been spent being a good mother and looking after my ill two year old and the other half has been a madcap dash to get a lot done in a very short length of time.

One of my tasks this week has revolved around organising a mermaid inspired photo shoot for the online erotic magazine Cliterati which largely involves organising people with skills, with people with vision, with people with clothes. As the Style Editor of Cliterati it is my job to find cool, sexy things of an erotic persuasion and get them on the website. However, although I have accumulated a fantastic crew of talented, skilled and available people, a cool location, and absurdly gorgeous model it seems incredibly hard to get hold of some decent outfits. I must have sent off a host of requests and e-mails to no avail. Don't get me wrong...I don't mind it just being a photo shoot all about me and what I make, but that does seem a little big headed. The shoot is three days away so here's hoping that ultimately any of these companies want to sell more clothes and send me outfits. If not, at least I will have some more cool photo's of my work.

What to do? Eh?

Apart from that there has been lots going on and off the cutting table, under the machine and onto the dummy. Today I have been making a red carpet dress for a company called Flaming Fun,
I finished a bikini for the body builder Rene Campbell, in silver sequin and some angel wings,
For which I have just found this video on youtube:
And also some lovely photo's have come in from my recent brides, which I will post later on.

Crazy crazy week!

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