Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sifting and sorting

So, after Sundays photo shoot the studio was a devastating sight to start my week with: studio bomb!

  After tidying that lot up and away I have been mainly fine tuning my designs for Miss Venga.com. This is quite a departure from my usual highly decorative bespoke corset work, as most of the pieces will be made in stretch mesh fabric. I am currently working on knicker designs, including this cheeky little peep hole back pantie:

We're going for a very sexy sheer look to the whole collection with some decorative little features, and all the lingerie is specifically designed with plus sizes in mind. It's certainly not breaking new ground design-wise but the company are tailoring their products to be chic and glamorous and sophisticated. I can certainly deliver that.

It's also completely different to what I normally do from a production point of view. As you'd expect the criteria for providing a range of products to be sold on through another company is very different to producing one bespoke item. Costings must be far more precise, care must be taken with maximising every centimetre of fabric and trimming to remain within budget.

Oh, and today I had a little helper:

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