Monday, 25 June 2012

Afternoon chaps marketing guru (aka Aimee Davies) has been royally kicking my arse about my lack of posting of late. She brushed aside my excuses and told me to make time. When you're a lone gunman running a business sometimes it is very handy to have some constructive criticism.

But indeed I have been a busy bee lately. Yesterday I was with photographer Emma Meston for a shoot that will feature in etc magazine, Last Sunday I was doing a fashion show in Brighton in aid of charity, and in between that I have been completing various commissions including a prom dress, an Edwardian waistcoat, two party dresses, a bridal fascinator and belly dance costumes galore. Currently I am also in the process of designing a range for Miss Venga who specialise in erotic lingerie for plus size women and I do all of this with a two year old grabbing at my skirts for a slice of the attention.

Is it any wonder I am totally knackered laterly?

But something really caught my eye yesterday that I just had to post about: Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair.

This shoot is so inspiring, I love it. How many women are lucky enough to get to do such cool things. Jealous.

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