Tuesday, 10 January 2012

On track with corset collection

Been a weird day today. Had a great morning finishing off client commission, but the afternoon was just weird. I don't know if this happens to all creative people but I just couldn't get it going in the afternoon. I'm usually sifting through all the head musings to get to the good stuff but today was like my brain was in a vacuum. Until that is when my hubby, who knows I get very cross in this frame of mind, offers me the biggest tankard of coffee and a mars bar, what a star.

Nothing fuels my soul more than coffee and chocolate!

So I decided 2 things: to get my Edwardian corset on the move again and finally finish the first corset of the new collection rather than moving onto the next three designs and to design my next TG costume which is to be based on the 1911 corset from my previous blogging. Yay!

Edwardian corset now:
Marvelous. All I have left to do is boning, flossing, binding and decoration...oh and some suspenders. Ultra sexy.
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