Thursday, 12 January 2012


Now I have this major problem: I am aware of it...but only sometimes do it manage to regulate it. That I work on so many different projects that in a cursory glance it is hard to discern progress.

But today I feel progress is a force in my life:

I have now boned the Edwardian corset I have designed and made for AFW catwalk show it is my sincere desire to finish that corset before bedtime.

To get the bone casings down I ended up doing far more process than I had anticipated. In this style of corset it would be made out of only one layer of fabric and bone casings in the same colour could be sewn through from the back.  However, this corset is made from three layers:the top layer being very thin and likely to drag on the machine teeth if I sew from the back. So first they had to be basted in through all layers and sewn from the front, it was a bit troublesome, some of it still needs tweaking but yielded great results from the top layer.

I'm still in two minds about if and how to decorate this my indecision as to whether this is a showpiece or will become part of the collection.
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