Monday, 30 March 2009

The Grand Plan

I have a dream...
I think that the way forward in business, as in life, is through learning and co-operation. In my own little way I enjoy helping and nurturing people in their endevours which is one reason why I started my sewing circle. I tihink that it's important to nurture people and support their skills, teaching new one's and working in a more co-operative way with each other in a community.

All too often sharing seems to be in direct conflict with business, which I think is a great shame. Sharing feels like giving something away for free wheras business builds upon the idea that you must pay for the things you want, whether it be a house, pair of shoes or a new skill. Apparently "that's just the way it is".

My dream is to have a community local space where work, meet and display space is provided for creatives, artisans and crafters to meet up, discuss, swap idea's, learn, display, sell and promote their work. Be nice wouldn't it?
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