Friday, 3 April 2009

'Peripheries' Hair Competition, Brighton Collge 2009

The City College theatre was rammed for the 2009 hair competition, with good reason. The art of hair design and styling is very much alive and kicking. Months of planning and two intensive days for the competitors came to fruition in a show that really kicked arse, hair - wise.
The show opened with a short film displaying the college's success stories and close ties with the salons of the competition judges and although a little twee for my liking was never the less very inspiring.
I admit that I'm a kinda wash and go girl myself...but occasionally when I have to think about hairstyling that fits in with a particluar theme of my work I have to rely on the people that know best to do that for me. On this particular night I knew two of the entrants, and they both blew me away with their artistic vision. I never thought of hair as art before...and I stand corrected!

The standard across the board was impressive, very creative. And although I confess I know absolutely nothing about what makes a hair style technically good or bad I think every one who worked on the show should be very proud of themselves.
I'm sure tht in the future my path will cross with a few of the stylists from this show. I hope so anyway.

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