Friday, 12 April 2013

Breeches, breeches, breeches!

So menswear, I hinted in my last post that I was going to produce a menswear line sometime soon. Well, today I took my first steps in that endeavour. A couple of weeks ago I started to scour my pattern cutting books to find some interesting points to start my collection. As always I am deeply attracted to sharp military styling, and strong silhouettes and want to echo the Countryphile collection that I am about to launch.

Today I had some help in the studio from Zoe Van Spyk and we had a great day mocking up my first breeches pattern for an upcoming photo shoot for a calender in aid of Mind charity later in the year. I have worked with Zoe previously, as she co-organised the Guerilla Fashion Event II in February, so I knew already that we were going to work with each other well, that she was capable and up for the challenge. In her day job she works for renowned Brighton tailors Gresham Blake and working alongside her is a great pleasure....and it helps that we share the same sense of humour and have a boner for Game of Thrones.

So, tonight I present my very first draft of the very first piece of my Menswear Collection. It has little detailing currently as I am just in trial stage but I really wanted to share begins my mission to make modern dandies and gentlemen of all you men folk.

I really like the hang of the breeches and my boyfriends bum looks especially good in these breeches in my opinion. From here I will start to figure out what details I want to add where and make some minor fitting adjustments. Stay with me and Zoe as we both work together on some show pieces that will be given their debut in June at Brighton Fashion Week.

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