Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pattern testing continued...

So, earlier today I was making a calico of the jacket body, I have just finished pattern cutting and playing with sleeve shapes. Here is a couple of sleeve head shapes I have put into the armholes of the jacket to get a feel for the pattern cutting.
On the left is a gathered side sleeve with a fit-in sleeve head. This was an experiment with a style I haven't used before but was curious at the outcome:

Not entirely sure what I was attempting to acheive, but I'm not that taken with it so I move on to a gathered sleeve head:
I do like this, it is neat and I'm a bit fan of extended sleeve heads. But really...I think I can push this even further so I'm going to try a style more flamboyant, particularly liking this example:
So the next sleeve I try will be more full on, but I am stopping well short of the full leg-o-mutton sleeve, such as this one:
Catch you for the next blog where I should have the final sleeve shape inset.

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