Sunday, 27 January 2013

Leather corsets, coming soon to Curve Couture

Ah! Just a few moments to myself to reflect upon the things I have been up to in the past week or so.

Well, mainly I have been finishing my jackets for the coming fashion show (some extreme plugging on that in a week or so), trawling the internet for the perfect decorations and getting on with my new leather corsets...which I am about to reveal in part production stage.

I love leather as a material, it is a sexy thing to touch. I guess this is quite a primal it used to be skin and touching some thing's skin implies intimacy. Aside form this it is supple, firm and easy to manipulate when you're sewing it. The real downside is that you can't do-over if you make a stitching error...the needle holes are there for all to see. And even though I consider myself pretty proficient in terms of corset production, even I make the odd mistake.

And with that said, here is what I ave been doing...
I am still crazy in love with brogue detailing. And I love these swing catches which are pretty much a hall mark of steam punk styling these days so this week I thought I'd just go for it. I was inspired to create a scalloped brogue from a sample of lace that was on my cutting table and off I went. I did it using some pinking shears and a hole punch and did it all by hand. If I had the resources available I would have had it laser cut but I just don't have one of those at hand.

So, that's been my little experiment for the week. It's not perfect by any means but it's a good start.

Then also, I have been finishing the first leather corset, which currently just needs finishing and tidying up.
Tomorrow I will be taking a few corsets and pieces for a photo shoot in Brighton, including this one.
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