Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bustle Cage Action

Today I am playing with something new to me: the cage bustle.

As with almost everything I make I think it's important to figure out how something is put together and how well it works before bending the 'rules'. So, my first port of call is to search for images of the thing I want to make. So here were some of the images that caught my attention:
This is a beautiful photo, I am loving the black and white analogue feel of photography right now.
This looks like all the bones of the bustle are fixed with a screw (?), it has 6 bones that are fixed to a back bone and I am guessing that the tension of all the bonings natural desire to straighten out is giving the cage it's shape. It is fixed by a simple waistband.

This is a cage that would be difficult to make, flat steel is notoriously troublesome to drill through.


This is more like the type of thing that I can make without learning new skills.

Back lacing contains the tension to give the boning necessary spring and keeps the bustle in position and not collapsing with the weight under a full skirt. A simple tape system holds the bones in place.

This drawing looks promising, as I can really start to see the kind of structure that needs to be created.
 And off I go...

And here is how I am getting on:

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