Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New things: Halloween corsets and new shoots

Here I go again, typing away after a hard days work with Downton Abbey on in the background. That's how I have spent the last few evenings and I'm sure a few more are in my near future....

There are many new things on the horizon, and it is very exciting. Only yesterday I was planning two photo shoots with the shy and talented Andrew Loader, a superb photographer. One with the infamous Peacock train and the other with the flamenco skirt I have blogged about previously.

Tonight I find myself designing my next corset outfit to wear out. I will be using a fabulous pillar box red piece of leather that I have been hoarding for years and be pinking black leather and making some beautiful brogue appliqué. I am jumping making the C2 historical re-make, and diving straight into making a modern interpretation instead.

Sketchbook excerpt:
I started to draw the pattern out on top of a size 12 block and let my intuition guide me as to the pattern cutting. When I start to create new seam lines on a new corset block I always find it is useful to begin by cutting out the pattern paper and pinning it on the size 12 dress form to have a look at the general lines to see if they work in 3D as well as I had seen them in my mind.

 Hurrah! Pretty good! I made some adjustments to the pattern whilst it was on the form and then decided to cut it in calico and just go for it.

As you can see there is some fabric stretching and straining that needs some attention, and I feel that if I am to wear this corset it will need more room in the bust...but they are problems to be solved another evening.

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