Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This week I have mostly been....

I have been super duper busy trying to co-ordinate various Curve Couture offerings in the past week and I feel like I have achieved much with the help of some super amazing people.

Last Friday me and my crew of curvettes did a fabulous photo shoot at Colin Page Antique bookshop. Actually we did it in the garage where all the really cool books are kept which, gladly, was water-tight as it went from being the most glorious morning to a heaving rainfest. That's extra kudos and respect to our model Alice Hayward who spent most of the afternoon in naught but knickers and a corset....Beautiful she looked, but bloody freezing she must have been, what a pro!

The aficionado Aimee Davis had spent the bast part of her morning making paper butterflies and making the space just so and had also organised photographer Lily Moss to be a part of the shoot. I had never met her before and she was a pleasure to work with. Hair was creatively and impressively back combed and coiffed by Alex Graham from Neon Hair Boutique who is always really great fun. Make up was done by Baneology who normally specialises in theatrical make up, but was totally up to the challenge.

Anyways that was Friday. Today I finished editing the new Etsy shop (almost open) and am now prodding some friends to proof read it for daft blunders. Also coming soon will be new corset making beginners course, which is very exciting. I'm planning the next trip to view the Symington Collection to study one of my favourite corsets in their collection (as mentioned in my previous blog) and also gearing up to attack the next collection. Yippee!

What else?

Well besides all this planning and shooting and organising I have lots of interesting commissions to be getting on with as well as planning a mermaid inspired shoot for Cliterati. Some posting on that later.

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