Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Several things....

It's been a month of total craziness.

Today I am taking a breather from the sewing machine to get other important tasks done....like this!

So, catchup...

London Alternative Fashion Week is just over a month away, and as you can guess....I am busy as a bee. I have been constantly sourcing shoes, jewellery and all the other shenanigans that must accompany my creations on the catwalk and it's taking up quite a lot of my research time!

Aside from this I have been designing new costumes, including a samba inspired bikini and wing combo in white and silver to be worn in Las Vegas and a Marie Antoinette belly dance costume for the wonderful dancer Hilde Cannoodt.

Super excited to see the new Elle cover:
How super sexy is the finish of multi colour crystals on nude coloured lace?
Effin super sexy!  
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