Monday, 6 February 2012


As my research into historical corsets gets more involved I find myself marvelling at the beauty of flossing.

Flossing is the small embroidered details which hold the corset bones in place within their channels.
These are flossing samplers from the Symington Collection

Flossing is one of the things that is evident in a finely made corset, rather than a mass produced product. This is one of the finest examples of flossig I have ever seen...

I admit that I have never added this, the most simplest of details to my corsets of the past...but I want to make it a feature of my work from now on, so I started last night with some very simple flossing, with the practical purpose of holding the boning in place.
As I get more confident and practised in flossing I intend to make it more elaborate, embroidery is one skill as yet unaquired so this will be good fun.
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