Friday, 17 February 2012

Corset D41

I received in the post today some gorgeous white broche, and I am so tempted to make one of my favourite corsets from the Symington collection D41. And for the sake of simply copying information, here is the Museums own card on this corset:
 This is a fascinating corset, it shares some of the classic characteristics of Edwardian era corsets:
  • vertical inner bone casings
  • longline
  • suspenders
  • single layer
But the thing that most interests me is the pattern cutting, there is a really fascinating piece that arches from the front hip to the back waist.

My original notes:
Reading it back I can see that I originally thought this piece was stitched on top across all layers, but upon more study of my photo's I can see that it is not, and apart from aesthetic reasons there seems no other purpose to this neat bit of pattern cutting (unless it was economical in terms of laying it on the fabric). If I ever get a moment to myself  I'm going to give this corset a go, it's so fascinating.
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