Friday, 6 January 2012

Tired musings...

Today I started work at 7pm. I wish I could spend all day making pretty things but unfortunately it was one of those days when you just have to go and sort stuff out!

I put my french knicker block together, as I really wanted to test the pattern and I have come to the conclusion that I do not really like classic french knickers. They may be flattering on some 6foot lithe model but on my chubby thighs I look like I should be kicking around on a football field! I really wanted to go for a vintage underwear look but to be honest I think modern knicker types are just way more sexy and flattering.

Back to the drawing board...literally.

Aside from that I have been carrying on with my Edwardian style long line corset in peach and black lace. I have put in the lining and will do the busk and boning channels when there is plenty of day light and my eyes don't hurt so much. It's going really well and I've got some fantastic idea's for details. I'm so excited I just want it done so I can sit back and marvel.

Also been playing with some guipure lace and raspberry silk dupion on the mannequin to get the next corset forming in my mind., More on that after a sleep.

Boy I'm tired, goodnight.X
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