Sunday, 22 January 2012

TG: been and gone post's for a day...but as a make up I'll do two today and we'll say no more on the matter!

I always find it really weird that the build up to an event, whether a wedding, or a big night out can be so consuming in terms of time, energy and sometimes money. This is always the case, I find. Then it's all over, it's done...a strange feeling indeed.

I you''ve been following the blog you'll know that I have several events to prepare for, Alternative Fashion Week in April, several pieces for clients for clients for shows in February, and for myself an outfit to go to Torture Garden...which was last night.

I didn't manage to complete my outfit with the pocket watch and compass which must now be on their way to me, but I hope you'll agree it was still a triumph.

photo by Mimi Flynn
I am not particularly into dead straight historical re-makes for my costumes. This one definatly had a utility, wartime styling. My friend Nick T said it was a bit Sky Captain of Tomorrow , that's a reference I can live with!

Here we are before we went out: cunningly taking photo's before we went out. With me is the gorgeous Mimi Flynn of Emerald Angel - a very talented designer in her own right.

There are still some things I want to do with ths corset, so there may be posts to follow on this, and also more detailed images of the final object once I have cleaned it up after last nights mayhem.
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