Friday, 30 December 2011

Feeling the love...

I'm really enjoying doing this blog so far, it's really helpful to see that I do get a lot done on a day to day basis....someties when you're in the thick of a project it can feel like you're working and not seeing any results but this is really positive stuff. I can see like a timeline how it is progressing.

I have also decided that I will not be posting up images of the final work until much nearer the time or it will spoil the suprises.

So, as I mentioned in the last installment I have been working on fan lacing concepts today. I started with the inspiration of the neck corset I made the other day for fabrics and styling, and a longline corset block that I have adapted to suit and I now have this gorgeous looking thing:
After I eyeletted it up it was then just a matter of playing with lacing:
It's all wrinkled up because I haven't put any boning in it yet...I will be figuring those out next. I just wanted to see if it worked, et voila!
I still have some design reworking to do to get the fan lacing pieces fitted, but I'm very pleased so far...just some suspenders to go now and I shall call it a night.
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