Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Engineerium

Ah, I am so lucky. I have got permission to shoot my Couture Brighton outfit at the British Engineerium - the very Brighton icon that has inspired my whole project. Woop woop!

It was so much more sumptuous than I imagined and I was lucky enough to be shown around by a lovely gentleman who has worked there for many decades. Talking to him was fascinating..I wished my Grandfather was still around, he was a total steam fanatic!

This is Pete, his enthusiasm for the place was contagious. He is stood in front of the water pumping engine which stretches the height of the building and sinks far into the earth.
This next shot is the other end of the room. The photograph in no way reflects the majesty and size of the room. Those Victorians sure knew how to build something unashamedly beautiful as well as functionable.
The outside is as incredible as the inside, it has a lake with carp in it, an overgrown but fantastic garden which will also be fully restored to former glory. The next shot is taken from beside the lake looking up the hill.
Apparently there are even a pair of peregrine falcons that use the chimney as a look out post. How cool is that?
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