Sunday, 5 October 2008

Dressing up for Charity

The late night screenimg of Moulin Rouge at the Duke of York cinema in Brighton set off the Burlesque ABC campaign with a bang!!!

Dressing up in my glad rags is a bit of a treat for me, since I spend so much of my time working my arse off in my studio making things. So I donned my new waistcoat corset design, put on some slap and donned my usherette tray to promote the Burlesque Against Breast Cancer campaign and to raise awareness and promote the Burlesque Ball in Brighton on November 6th.

While I stood there, in some very high heels, trying to shout about the campaign I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people had made so much effort. The feather boa's were out en masse, the men were dapper, the women beautiful.
The best little thing for me was a lady donning a red glitter windmill hat/ fascinator. I'm sure it must have annoyed the heck out of the people sat behind her in the cinema, but I thought it was just fabulous!

The indomitable Atters opened the nights proceedings in his unique cadish way, followed by a super charged can-can troupe followed by the film itself. A very excitable night of fun, energy and frivolity!

Burlesque Against Breast Cancer

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