Monday, 29 September 2008

Todays endevours.....

Today I've have really frazzled my brain.

Today my main task was to get onto re-designing my new website. The site I have had for many years was built in Flash, of which I have no knowledge or intuition for, and so was impossible to either update or change without the assistance of a Flash bod. So I've been learning how to write websites to add another string to my creative bow, and after about 3 months or so of dogged thinking on the subject I have finally arrived at a design that I am happy with.

There were sacrifices along the way....My pretty new logo had to be given the boot as all the decorative flourishes just wouldn't sit right in any design I was happy with. The colour scheme was completely re-developed and my beloved red was shown the door. I feel like my taste and design is reaching a more mature phase and now it's bout setting up the basic format.

It's actually quite an organic process, my initial site plan is developing in new ways, and quite unexpected. All I have to do now is trawl through my extensive portfolio to select the best and most relevant images.

This blog I am intending to use as my designers diary within my website, to be more interactive for my clients and a good way of keeping news up to date. I hope that someone finds it interesting.....

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