Monday, 29 September 2008

I rant....therefore I am

Homogenised fashion is the enemy of individual style???Discuss...

Today someone told me that headscarfs were in. Worn, very particularly, in a style common to housewives in the 50's apparently...hopfully the housecoat won't follow!

Well, no sooner had she said this that I suddenly noticed that it was true. As I walked outside my studio there was a very beautiful lady, dressed in fitted denim 3/4 length trousers, killer high heels and perfect 50's makeup wearing a beige headscarf the way Nora Batty used to wear. (Lost reference if you're not over the age of 27 or don't have UKGold!)

Soon they will be everywhere, they are probably in H&M right now...and next week they will be in New Look. But if you're real denizen of High Street fashion you won't get them until they appear in Primark because there's just no point in paying more than you have to!

The point is this...does it increase you're being more individual, or ar you just baa-ing along like everyone else? Does the increase in choice allow you to become more of an individual by being selective in your choice and styling...or does it mean you'e simply opting out of thinking for yourself and buying what Gok thinks you should this week.I wonder how many people buy that thing that they love that they can't wait to wear and on it's virgin wear notice someone wearing it too. Of course...they could be copying you, because you definatly did it first. Yunno, before it was in fashion.

I was having an interesting talk with the stunning Therese La Tease today about a tartan jacket in Peacock's that was OK - but not great - which she was considering buying and adjusting to her fit and taste. A worthwhile endevour if having something made bespoke is a bit out of budget. But very few people actually do that sort of thing themselves.

Wearing someting that no-one else has is an elitist thing. It marks you out as someone more unique, more stylish, more free thinking and not subject to others' opinion. It gives the impression of being more worldly, richer, more powerful, maybe even ( I hesitate to say) more mature.

Clothes make statements about you, your class, your income, your politics, your humour. The fundamental nature of your personality.

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