Saturday, 3 May 2014

Couture corset, new techniques with transparency

If you have been reading my blog so far you know that recently I have been experimenting with see through corset techniques.

My latest couture corset, from the 'La Sanguine' Collection features some of these new techniques that I have been experimenting with.

Here is the finished corset in situ at the Vault of Metamorphosis exhibition held every weekend in May as part of the BrightonFringe Festival.

photo by Chris Bulezuik
In this corset I admit that I was a bit hesitant to make the whole corset using an untried method so instead I opted to use it on the corset collar, and now that I am happy with the limitations and strengths of it I shall be using it more extensively. What follows is a description of the technique if anyone else so wishes to have a go.

You will need pencil, scalpel, a length of  Vilene Decovil the size of your pattern piece plus seam allowances
as well as your chosen fabrics. I have chosen to make the scrollwork out of velvet, on top of a crin and silk organza which make sup the transparent layer.

Trace your design on the back of the Decovil, (the non shiny side) and cut out your scrolls where you want the transparency to be. You will end up with something looking like this....
 Then you need to fix your Decovil to your chosen fabric (cotton velvet for me) and make sure that your chosen fabric can handle the heat. Please follow the manufacturers instruction of application and test on a scrap piece first to save yourself heartache.

Once this is done stitch your layers together. following your scrollwork about 2mm from the edge. Then...and this is the trickiest bit, but out your top fabric where you want the transparency without cutting through your crin and organza (or whatever you chose as your transparency.)
Then, it's all down to you embroidering over the edges, hey presto!

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