Saturday, 1 February 2014

Year of the Horse

Well, 2014 has certainly started with a gallop for me...

Aside form all the commission based work that is my natural form of business I am really throwing myself into this year whole-heartedly.

Firstly I will be looking to meet some new brides at the Quaint Queer Wedding Fair in Brighton on May 15th.
Now, I haven't done a wedding fair for many a year and usually I shy away from these but I really have some great designs to show off and I want to meet lots of new people this year.
I love the idea of doing an 'alternative' wedding fair, especially as I live in Brighton, and to be fair I tend to make things for very creative people who enjoy designing their wedding dress with me rather than standing on a box in an ivory meringue in a shop.
And hurrah!
So this fair is perfect for my ideal clients.
So, if you think you might want to employ my wedding dress making skills, or maybe a corset commission or even just want to come and chat and see my new designs in the flesh tickets are available from Quaint Queer Weird.

Secondly I am participating in an exciting new exhibition at Artista photographic studio as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival with a host of really exciting artists. The Brighton Fringe is one of the biggest Arts festivals in England and takes place through the whole of May. The exhibition/ installation will be based around the concept of the transformation of the body and will include bold Fine Art photography, Commercial photography, Film and corsets from me. The corsets made for this exhibit really will be of haute couture quality and will be pieces of art in themselves. I have started sketching and I am very excited about participating in this project.

Part of my new policy on pushing ,myself out there more, rather than hiding in my studio, means I will be giving my first lecture on corsetry on Monday at Highbury College, Portsmouth. Although this properly scares me at the moment I have compiled a list of bullet points and it's very interesting looking down the page and realising just how much solid knowledge I have to pass on.

So, that's the beginning of what I think will be the start of a beautiful year.
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