Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sheer beauty: New corset design trends

I am really excited by the new wave of using see through panels in corsets. This is not an innovation by anyone's standards, Thierry Mugler did it in the 1990's with the help of Mr Pearl. Check out this beautiful example:
Thierry Mugler design, Mr Pearl corset
Mr Pearl, legendary corset designer, has often dabbled in creating see through effects in his corsetry, check out this nude corset, so beautiful in it's simplicity:

Kylie in Mr Pearl 'nude' corset

So the concept of using see through elements in corsetry has been around for a while, but recently I have noticed a bit of a trend in modern corsetry for this, and it is genuinely exciting.

Check out some of these stunners :

I love the stylelines of this Royal Black Corset. As you know I am a structure maniac, so this appeals to me on many levels but the purpose of this post I love the contouring and the play of cover and see through is super sexy.

Royal Black Corset
This example from English corset maker Jenni Hampshire, who's trademark lace detailing sits beautifully over a sheer base.
Sparklewren corset

Even Agent Provocateur are in on it, and although I don't strictly class this as a corset the style and detailing is really interesting...
Agent Provocateur
Going to take some inspiration from all of these sexy pretty things, looking forward to sharing my creations with you.

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