Sunday, 16 June 2013

Gypsy wedding dress part 2

So, I left the last blog at building the foundation and just beginning to decorate it.

I must say when I had finished this dress I sat back and properly admired it. The finished piece:
It was decided that we would only put the top hoop in and allow the dress to hang rather than put in all 5 hoops realising as we went along just how impractical it was in real life to fully load it up.
Close up of the bodice detailing. In an ideal world I would have preferred to have had pink spikes like the metal ones but I couldn't get any that were the right shape so I had to settle for spike beads instead. It was unfortunate because they had to be constantly made to stand proud as they has a bit of a mind of their own.
The feather shoulder pieces were total fun to make, but a total bitch to fit and stay in place. and they looked magnificent, as can be seen by her arrival at Brighton Fashion Week.
used with kind permission from Gareth Gregg, Sunshine Lens Photography

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