Sunday, 17 February 2013

Guerilla Fashion Show: one crazy day

Ah! What a day. What a crazy day.

Started off well enough. Packed and out of the door by 11am. Begin prep work around 12noon then it all kicked off.

The amazing Amy Prifti and Kate Bishop arrived with the magnificent hair pieces they had prepared in a crazed two nights hard labour. All wigs were generously donated by Annabella's Wigs, for which I am very grateful. Then my first models Sian Fann and Gabriella Tavani turn up for their transformation. Shortly followed by Sarah Vickery, make up artist and then we begin.

At this point I was till sewing, there's nothing like pressure when there is a show to do.

The on to the venue to check when rehearsal is, that the music CD I burned actually works in a machine other than my own. It does, thank hell! I get back to the prep work and BOOM! One of my lovely make up artists, and best friends, is in floods of tears from emotional stress and one of my models drops out because of illness. Things were starting to get much more stressful. And time if running out.

Ever the pragmatist, surrounded by what remains of an astoundingly amazing team we crack on undaunted. With further models Yolanda Carella, Alice Hayward and Dolly Diamond.

When we finally arrive at the club at 5pm, it is mayhem. But we were ready, and after what felt like an age we were up and finally getting to do what we went to do. And we totally rocked it!

Here are some of the photo's that have turned up on facebook so far, the following photo's were taken by Warren Theophilus...

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