Sunday, 13 January 2013

Jacket continued...

I've had a few things of note today.

First is that I got to see my good friend Andy Evangelist, who has kindly lent me his spare digi SLR camera and some studio lighting equipment to play with so I can start getting back into the whole idea of being more professional with my approach to documenting my work and other such things.

But, today I still shot using my point and shoot pentax just for ease and quickness. Next time!

So after a lovely Sunday catching up with friends I finally started to work on putting the jacket together after my epic pattern cutting session last night and figuring out the linings, interfacings underlinings etc...You'd be very surprised to know just how much staunch engineering goes into your clothes.

I started cutting out the fabric at around 6.30 and this is how far I have got so far:

Remember my sketch?
Looking pretty good so far...collar, sleeves and detailing all to follow. I may leave this for tonight and continue with the sleeves tomorrow before buying I hunt for suitable lining sometime next week. Just over a month until the fashion show so I best get a move on.

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