Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jacket collar

The last few posts have been concentrating on the new riding jacket I am working on. You may remember that I was not overly sure about how the collar was positioned. It looked too tight around the neckline. So, now I have got to the stage where I need to properly evaluate the collar pattern in order to finish the jacket.

I double checked my pattern cutting and cross referenced it with a different book...and hey presto I now have a collar I am much happier with. It involved re-setting the neckline lower and opening out the collar line.

So I didn't start modifying the jacket itself, noooooooooooo...I have learnt through years of messing things up that you should test it out first! So here is how the modified calico looks (see open and half closed):

Looking good. Happy to move on now.
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