Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fashion Show Aftermath

So...Alternative London Fashion Week is all over. Everyday something new appears on facebook or youtube that I haven't seen before which is kinda cool.

You may think it's all over, but in truth that was just the beginning of my Fleurs Du Mal odyssey. As well as complete my client commissions which have been ticking over in the background there is lots of follow through to do.

photo by Warren Theophilus

I'm most excited about doing  photo shoots with my new collection and I have some items still to make to complete the looks for my vision which I didn't quite get done for the show. From there my website will get a make over with new photo's (at long last) and finally get a shop up on the site for the collection. It's all very exciting and my to-do list is immense.

For the rest of today I'm having time out to catch up on gardening. 
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