Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Today I have been coming to the closing stages of a very cool costume work for the Sugar Beats, a vintage inspired tap dance duo. And for the last hour I have been getting the bling on the costume. Fab fun, and it looks great too.

I love the effect of crystals as a decoration, and I am so grateful for the invention of hot fix crystals because I once had to do an outit by glueing them on and it was very time consuming and messy and occassionaly nerve wracking. The first outfit I ever used crystals on was this:
It still looks awesome, but I think it took me two days to work out and execute the design. It's not very often that I get a wonderful client who lets me go wild with the crystals, but recently I did a pink dress which just got blinger and blinger, upon request! I can't show you the whole dress, as she hasn't worn it out yet, but check this out:

This outfit is a mix of both sew on and hotfix crystals, and I really enjoyed doing it...although all in all to do the back and front it took me about four hours. Worth it though! Can't wait to get piccies of this lady in her dress!
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