Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My top five wedding dresses of all time

Often I wonder what sort of dress I would like to have on my own wedding day ( a very unlikely prospect given my boyfriends allergy to the subject). I had a vision once (when I was under the influence) of my dress, it was made from bleached peacock feathers, crystals and was the ivory colour one only gets from an unwrapped piece of vintage silk duchesse that has been sat in acid free tissue paper and stored in a dark place for decades. It was corsetted, of course, and had a huge train which shimmered from peacock birds into crystal motifs. It was glorious, hopefully I'll get to make it one day.
I'm sure I'm no different to countless women who, although not pre-occupied with their perfect dress definately do have some idea of what they want.

Personally I think there are certain guidelines to creating a clients dream dress...it must fit and define their body to advantage their figure, it must make them feel gloriously confident and it must reflect their personality. These are my top 5 wedding dresses of all time, not including the aforementioned peacock dress (or any of my own creations because that's cheating).
5... Sarah Ferguson

Despite it being entirely of it's era, ie: the 80's, this is something really special. Sarah had a huge hand in designing her dress right down to the embroidery which included bee's, thistles anchors and
 both their initials entwined.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I love that it has bouffy sleeveheads that you could balance your cup and saucer on and that it has a monstrous 17ft train and of course that it is as heavily boned as a corset. Very few times have I thought Sarah Ferguson looked amazing, actually this was it.
4....Paula Yates
Incredibly hard to get a decent piccie of this dress, I knew I should have kept my old stash of Smash Hits!
Designed by Jasper Conran, a huge red pre raphealite gown with beading on the bodice. I remember being wowwed by this as a young woman and it's still breathtaking.

My number 3 is...Jackie Onassis

It's just everything about the 50's that we love, wonderfully fitted bodice and a circle skirt, delicately off the shoulder and with some wonderful frill and ribboning detailing. Just glorious, amazing details, so feminine and pretty.

2.... Stunning! Dita Von Teese

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
 Reams of taffeta sculpted by Vivienne Westwood in a fabulous and dramatic purple. An absolute show stopper.

And finally my top wedding dress of all time (except from my own designs of course) is this beauty:
 This was once worn by Edwige Elisabeth Charlotte, Princess of Holstein-Gottorp, who married into the Swedish royal family. Massive panniers, tiny waist, delicate lace fabric over a stern corseted frame. Love it....

Now who wants one?

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