Saturday, 27 August 2011

Getting back into fashion....

Well! Now I'm not the sort of girl to hang around when it comes to work, but I have truely thrown myself i at the deep end!

Pasha Du Valentine, fabulous artist and director of Goddamn Media, has organised a Guerilla Fashion Event in my home town of Brighton in September. Well one must do it of course!

There is no theme, the only stipulaution being that the garments must have been made in the last month run up to the show, even if we end up using staples and gaffa tape on the models! The fashion show line up so far is very exciting ranging from taxidermy to knitwear. I have also heard in the past few days that we have got sponsorship from Irregular Choice for the show. How exciting.

I have decided that instead of bringing forward my collection for next year, and to avoid rushing it, I am going to take this opportunity to use up some of the fabric I have bumdled under the workbench over the years from projects past and projects unstarted. And I am going to make some of the things that hav been rattling around my head for a while that have had no specific place in any collection.
This work is going to be just for me and my whim, truly Guerilla for a fashion designer!

And here is my starting point....natural denim, leather, embroidery, topstitching gorgeousness. I will not be posting final pieces but I am very excited about this show so you will be seeing sneaky peakies as I only have 3 weeks to complete the work.

Off we go!

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